How UI and UX are different yet same

Posted on 6 June,2022


Before you get into UI/UX designing there is one basic thing that you need to know. The most basic thing you need to be aware of is the relation between UI and UX. Most of the times these terms are considered the same. However, these terms are quite different from each other. If we talk about UI, it is the abbreviation of the user interface. Basically, it is the screen that users face when they open a website, app, or any other digital application. On the other hand, UX is the term that is used to describe user experience. It determines the relevant experience of the users on the specific application. Designers working on the features of UI and UX work in different domains. UI designers design the screens and all the individual elements that users use. While UX developers design the organizational framework of a website. They ensure a smooth user experience on a website, app, or any other digital media.

Comparison between UI & UX

I would like to describe the relationship between UI and UX by borrowing Dain Miller’s words. He described the relationship between UI and UX in a perfect analogy. “UI is the saddle, the stirrups, and the reins. UX is the feeling you get being able to ride the horse.” ___Dian Miller, Web Developer. You have already learned about the basic definitions of UI and UX, so now is the time to learn their significance for each other. Both UI and UX go hand in hand. One is incomplete without another, but you don’t have to be a UI designer to be an expert in UX and vice versa. They both have different roles and their protocols are different too. The main difference you must know is that UX is all about how users feel and ease while using your product, while UI involves the aesthetics and development of your product. They share some common features as well which are as follows:

● Customer satisfaction is the prime goal of both UI and UX.

● Put their ideas into action to generate a customer- friendly product.

● Designers of both domains think, create content

● The end product must be engaging and interactive for the customers.

● Last but most important is both UI and UX designers give attention to little details.  

● Generate a human-first design ensuring that the end product meets the demands of customers.

Key attributes of UI and UX designer

If you want to be a good UI designer then you must have these 3 basic qualities.

1. Details oriented
2. Problem-solving skills
3. Competitive design 

Similarly, to be a good UX designer you need to be responsible for these things.

1. Simplicity of design

2. Users’ understanding

3. Creating wireframes and prototypes


Hopefully, you have a better understanding of the similarities and differences between UI and UX after reading this blog. It is true they go side by side and share some common goals, but they are different in their manner. UX design is more about the analysis of users’ behavior towards the product. As a UI designer, you give an attractive face to your product. So, long story short, if you are new to this field you should assess your interests first. However, I suggest you try both fields especially if you are a beginner, this will help you in polishing your designing skills as an all-rounder designer.

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