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Latest trends in UI designs


Latest trends in UI designs

Posted on 6 June,2022


After extensive research on the latest trends in UI designs, I think it is safe to say that simple is
always better than complex. Maybe you think that with each passing day world is progressing
and so does the digital market, so how come simply is better than complex. Well, the truth is
complicated things may look cool but they can’t pick up your users’ interest. Technology is not
for adults or qualified people only. It has to be simple to the extent that everyone including a
child or a senior can use it without any problems. This is the thing that UI designers are focusing
on these days. Some of the trends that I came across while searching for the latest trends are as

Dark theme

The dark theme came into the spotlight with the official launch of Android 10 & iOS 13. Now,
this trend is maintaining its position at the very top of the latest trends followed by UI
designers. Studies have proven that blue screens are causing the reduction of melatonin
production that can impact our sleep cycle. So, dark mode or sometimes called night mode
lessens the impact of app usage on our sleep cycle. Currently, UI designers are focusing on
generating an interface that supports both light and dark modes to create an aesthetically
pleasing yet user-friendly interface.


New skeuomorphism also known as neumorphism is a new graphic design technique that
started with just a screenshot that some designer posted, but now it found its way to Apple’s
design aesthetics, and as we all know that if Apple is adopting this technique then everyone will
follow. Back in Steve Jobs’s days of Apple skeuomorphism- the creation of real-world objects
into the digital world was common. However, this era came to an abrupt end and was replaced
by flat design.
Where Skeuomorphism was something extreme, flat design was too plain, so a new design
having genes of both its parent techniques came into existence- Neumorphism. This is the
upcoming big thing in the design world. It is a fresh idea that is based on realism where
elements are part of the background itself and thrust out from it.

Custom cursor

Custom cursors offer great user interaction. When the movement of the cursor is a kind of input that create lively and fun results it enhances the user interaction. This is something that product designers and engineers are working on. So, this is something that we can expect to make its position in designing the world in near future.


These three trends are just the tip of the iceberg. Some numerous trends and factors are making their way toward modern UI design. Metaverse, 3D utilization in e-commerce, bolder fonts, and dynamic color pallets, storytelling by typography, voice user interface, and lotte animations are few among numerous others that are changing the UI designing world. However, creating an open interface and helping users to have a convenient experience is something that you as a designer should focus on. I always say that whether you are a UI designer or a UX one, you can’t be a good designer if you are not well versed with the modern trends and users' demands of the time.

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