Latest trends in UX design

Posted on 6 June,2022


If you want to be in the UX design industry, you need to be aware of the fact that this field
requires lifelong learning. It is not some 4-year study after which you can get the specialization
for a lifetime. You have to invest yourself fully in this continuously evolving field to become an
excellent UX designer.
Here I am going to share some of the latest trends that you need to know as a UX designer. To
excel in the user experience UX designers are putting their attention into generating designs
that are based more on the concept of story-telling, personalization, and emotional interaction.
The top 4 trends that UX designers are following all over the world are as follows.

1. Story-telling

Storytelling is an excellent way to build trust and a strong connection between clients
and businesses. Story-telling has a long history they invoke the interest of the listeners
and are engaging. For this same attribute of story-telling UX designers are using it to
build up the digital community where customers and business providers share their
stories which help them in building trust for each other.

2. Emotionally interactive design

The purpose of creating this design is to allude to the emotional response of users. UX
designers are focusing on creating an experience under which users can connect deeply
while using a particular website or app. This will help in creating a more positive and
memorable interaction among users. For instance, Duolingo and some other websites
are using animations that congratulate you upon completion of your task and give you
rewards upon achieving a certain target. Hence, the excitement or joy that users feel
upon getting a reward or congratulation is the emotion that connects the user with your

3. Voice user interface

Voice control is nothing new in this field; however, the way it is taking over the
designing world is something new. The Voice user interface was the screen’s first
interface before, which created the problems like failed integration with the app. So, UX
designers are working now on creating a voice-first interface rather than screen-first, or
a hybrid of two to resolve glitch appearance or delayed processing problems. This helps
in creating a smooth experience for the users of a specific app or website. Almost all UX
agencies worldwide are trying to come up with strategies to make this technology
better to bring innovation to UX designing.

1. VR/AR and 3D visuals

Last but not least on our list of top UX trends that UX designers are following currently is
the use of virtual and augmented reality with 3D visuals. UX designers and digital
agencies all over the world are thinking out of the box to create more engaging websites
and apps. China, South Korea, the United States, and Japan are already gaining attention
around the world for creating websites, apps, and other digital Media infusing this
technology. Thus, they are setting this as a strong UX trend to follow for the rest of the


Whether you are here reading this article as a UX designer or someone who just wants to gain
insight into the UX world, you may already be aware of the fact that UX designing is a forever
evolving field and so do its trends. UX designers all over the world are working on creating
digital products that are easy to use by users of every age. So, they are in continuous search of
meaningful ways that help them to generate user-friendly products.

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