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A brief overview of web design visual elements

Posted on 5 September 2022


When you get into website designing you learn about two main things that are UI and UX referring to the interface and usability respectively. The website or any other digital product you are going to design has the perfect blend of everything from aesthetics to usability, so using various elements to design the near-perfect version of the website is extremely important.


In this article, we are going to see various elements which draw up the final version of your website. But before that, we suggest you learn about website designing, so read a brief introduction to web designing, and you will have a better understanding of website designing.

Written content

Just assume you don’t have any knowledge of design and you open any website that doesn’t go hand in hand with the text written, how would you feel? Of course, you will feel confused. This is the UX point of view of your website. Point is, that the website you design should have a well-written design that fits perfectly with your design and the services you are offering. So, focus on text chunks that compliment your graphics and images.


The second most important thing is font selection. Choosing a font that compliments your overall design is extremely important. Font should go well with the color scheme, images, graphics, and other things you used for your web design. Some web design tools even include various font pairings that can work for you. Other than that, there are tools like Canva font combinatory which can help you with the right font selection.


Selecting the color is the most important step of the website designing procedure. Many designers argue based on the psychology of color, but it is important to know that it could be wrong sometimes. So, you need to focus on the colors that compliment the design and tone of your website. Color defines much more than just the layout of a website. Though indirectly it gives the idea of your client’s company, so a website with a catchy color scheme has the potential to attract more customers.


The layout means selecting the right arrangement of everything that is being displayed on your web page. You may not know this but it has a dramatic effect on your overall design. So, you must consider the needs of your target audience while selecting the layout of your web design.


The use of appropriate graphic elements can take your design to next level. It is the best way to create a connection between text and images, and help enhance the overall appearance of your website. They certainly direct your audience and help them in finding the relative information right away.


Using the appropriate video or videos can give your site an edge over other sites available in the market.  However, selecting them is a challenging task that you need to do quite carefully. You must select the video that is helpful with the information or message you want to convey to your audience.


It is one of the most important factors to create a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate as well. Consistent spacing will help your users easily navigate your website. Appropriate whitespace use is important to create a website that perfectly balances everything including texts, images, icons, symbols, etc.

Images and icons

Last on our list are images and icons that are used to convey lots of pieces of information within seconds. However, the selection of appropriate images and icons is extremely important, even excessive use of them can disrupt the overall structure of your design. So, be careful with the selection of the images and icons for your design.

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