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A set of responsibilities of a UX researcher

Posted on 31 August 2022


Back again with the UX research. If you are here for the first time reading this article we suggest you read our article overview of UX research and the benefits of UX research (attach links to this article here) first, so you can get a better idea of what we are going to discuss in this article.

UX research is all about determining the users’ perspective on design and helping UX designers to build a user-friendly design. You should keep in mind one thing: UX designers and UX researchers can be the same person or can be different, so don’t get confused over it. Now, back to the topic, here are a few main responsibilities that a UX researcher should have.

Thorough research plan

A UX researcher’s first task as a researcher is to make sure that he is making a plan that directly relates to the target audience. For this, you need to go step by step to formulate a plan that sets clear goals to achieve by a certain UX design. Thus, as a researcher, it is your responsibility to come up with a well-coordinated plan which helps the designer go in the right direction during the process of design creation.

Assess users’ demands

The most basic purpose of UX design is to make a design that satisfies the user’s demands and helps him to find his desired thing over the website, app, or any other digital product. However, before designing comes the research which helps to get a clear image of users’ demands. This way UX designers can generate more user-friendly designs.

Formulate UX guide

Coming up with a full set of instructions on how users feel while using any digital product, what they expect while using it, and what they think should be changed are a few of those questions that need to be asked and answered in a set format. This can guide UX designers on how they can get better in their design skills by considering users’ perspectives on everything.

Targeted audience-oriented research

Before making a design designer must be able to know who would be his/her target audience, people of what age group would use the design, and what purpose design will fulfill. But, these questions can only be answered if a thorough UX research has done before creating a design. So as a UX researcher it is your responsibility to do a thorough research to answer these questions.

Actionable recommendations

As a UX researcher, you need to make sure that you are doing the work in the right direction, so you can come up with the recommendations that are possible. Attach the evidence that clearly states the practicality of the solution. This way the designer can easily have the data and inspiration he needs to generate a more user-friendly design.

 Implementing research strategy 

Formulating a specific strategy and then implementing it is the most important responsibility of the UX researcher. This way you can come up with a plan that can actually help the UX designer.

Most of the time UX design agencies specifically hire UX researchers to come up with ways that can bring innovation to the UX design world. So, as a researcher, you need to come up with solutions that can help the designers with the usability of the design. It is safe to say that UX research is the core of UX design that determines the final version of the design.

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