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An overview of UX research

Posted on 26 August 2022


Hello! Back again with UX definition. We know that we have explained countless times in our blogs what UX is, but you don’t, right? Maybe it’s your first time here, so, here we go again.

UX designing involves the creation of digital products like websites, apps, or any other digital thing that are easy to use by the users. In short, making a product that can interact with people, means they can get connected with it real quick is what UX designing is.

UX research

However, you need to do thorough UX research as a designer to be able to make a product that perfectly falls under UX design protocols. Now, the question is what is UX research? Well, simply put UX research is all about gathering information and then employing all your knowledge in developing products that can resonate with the users.

Few UX research methods


Like other research methods, UX research is being done in 2 ways.

Quantitative research

Like every other statistical research UX quantitative research is all about studying graphs and numerical data about the users’ behaviors and preferences. The purpose of this research is to identify the numerical status of some questions. For instance, it gives the idea of how many people were able to find any particular link, or how many people clicked a certain button. So, before assessing the quality of design, knowing the numerical stats about the usability of a design holds extreme importance.

Qualitative research

This research is based on finding the answers to questions about the behavior of people which they show toward the design. This study focuses on how you as a designer can come up with a solution to deal with certain issues. This type of research could be done by observing your users, doing interviews, field studies, etc. This research is conducted to find the human side of the data. With quantitative research, you could find the data of any particular action, but with qualitative research, you understand that data.

Few user research methods

  • UX designers use various research methods based on their convenience and availability. We are not going to discuss all of them here except a few commonly used ones.
  • Card sorting: This method allows you to assess the navigation and structure of the design
  • Lexical interview: It allows you to observe the user in his/her natural state.
  • Expert reviews: UX designers analyse their digital products based on expert reviews.
  • Surveys: Gives you a better idea of how your product is perceived by the users.
  • Random testing: Helps you assess the effectiveness of the design.


We tried our best to convey everything you need to know about UX research. There are hell lots of benefits of UX research, which we are definitely going to discuss but not in this article. If you want to learn more about the UI/UX designing world then stay connected with us. We will try our best to help you learn and understand better about UX. You can be a UX designer and researcher at the same time, or you can work with a UX researcher separately. This solely depends on you.

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