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Comparative study of graphic and web design

Posted on 19 September 2022

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  • Often confused, these terms are so different in actuality. Graphic design is often considered the same as web design, but it’s not. The purpose of web design is to create a design that makes the website functional while graphic designers are concerned only with the aesthetics of images. Though both designs use images for communication purposes, they are both used differently. Here, we are going to see some ways through which these designs vary.

1. First of all, the website needs to have images that relate to the content. This means that the layout and content should fit like a lock and key to improving the integration of the website. Thus, a web designer has to design the images or any layout relevant to the content. While graphic designers are only concerned with the creation of aesthetically attractive images. They don’t have any concerns with the layout or whether the words and pictures are making any sense or not.

2. If you are seeing a website that is a total eye candy with all the relevant information this means that the website has the freedom of putting everything as per his/her taste. On the other hand, designers create designs based on their color knowledge. As for graphic designers, every color has some meaning, so they create logos or images that are meaningful.

3. Words are important when we talk about web design because they complete the sense of images, colors, and fonts. However, graphic design doesn’t hold much importance. Graphic design is all about colors. They care for colors only when they are creating an ad or some picture book. For example, if the picture book is for children then instead of using bright colors graphic designers will adopt the color scheme that kids find appealing. Moreover, someone watching some ad after a long day trying to relax wouldn’t want exciting colors like red or orange to see. So, graphic designers are concerned with colors.

4. In graphic design, pictures hold more power than in web design. Let’s say, there is a picture of a kid playing with a ball, it is enough to make someone smile. As for web designing, you need to be consistent with the words, a picture is not enough to explain the full meaning. Graphic designers put consideration into selecting colors and images based on their effect on the target audience.

5. The purpose of web design is simple, that is to make the site functional and user-friendly. Graphic designers in the media field need to find an image that conveys the message at first glance.

6. When they work together they complement each other’s work. Combining their unique talents and skills they create content that is the perfect blend of everything. Not just would they be able to create a user-friendly website, also graphic designers could help to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

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