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Swezo is a platform that provides automobile services. Welcome to the Swezo community. We’re already celebrating your visit to our platform. With Swezo, you and your car will feel safer than ever. We help you drive with confidence. Whether you’re looking for used or brand-new auto parts, a mechanic who cares for your car just as much as you do, a washer to make your car shine, a tower to safely move your broken-down car, a wrecker to safely wreck your car, or a vehicle owner to rent his car to you, a warm welcome awaits. We just looove your car! Our amazing network of sellers can make your day a whole lot better. Your car will love to be with us!

Our amazing and talented sellers are waiting on the other side for you to post a request. And guess what? Posting a request has never been so easy – it takes under a minute to do so. Isn’t that cool? Invite sellers or just wait for the quotes to come through. Inviting sellers will allow you to pick that person you always wanted. It’s just like swiping right on Tinder! Now, you just have to wait for the sellers to send a quote. Now that you have a list of quotes and you know the secret to finding the right one for you, go ahead and approve it. Your money goes into escrow when you approve it, meaning the money will remain on hold with us until the job has been successfully completed.

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