Things a UI/UX designer should be aware of

Things a UI/


Things a UI/UX designer should be aware of

Posted on 17 August 2022


As a (UI/UX designer)designer, you must be aware of how frustrating it is to convey your ideas and design to people who are not aware of the design. Well, this is the skill that you must have to be a good designer in every possible way. This is your task to make the design interactive that can relate to every user. There are a few things that you can adopt to make such a design. So, without further ado let’s get straight into the things that a UI/UX designer must know.

10 basics that a UI/UX designer must know

10 basics that a UI/UX designer must know

  1. Legibility– This is one of those few things that especially UI designers neglect most of the time. The quality of              content doesn’t matter at all if it is not readable. So, make sure that the text on your design must be legible.
  2. Patterns– As a designer, you should be careful with the patterns you are going to use. Especially, do proper                    research before selecting the pattern to make it mobile responsive.
  3. Hover state animation– As a designer, you must know for how long the animation should hover. It should be in the         range of 300 to 400 milliseconds.
  4. Visual weight– You need to be careful with the visual weight of your users. Any data that does not contain any              information, but catches the eye is considered to be increasing the visual weight.
  5. Colors– As a designer, you must choose the colors carefully because certain colors may seem good but they clash       because of their saturation and luminosity.

6.  Loading time– Most of the time we don’t consider the things that are affecting the loading time of our website which users find unpleasant. So, while designing it is important that you are aware of the things that could affect the loading time.

7.  Text alignment– You need to be careful with the alignment of text. For instance, only 3 lines of text consider it aligning in the center.

8.  Number of characters– The appropriate number of characters per line for body text should be 50-70. No more or no less.

9.  Grid system– Select the grid system carefully. Use strict grid systems only for websites that don’t require to display of any kind of information.

10.  Mobile screen size– Appropriate size of a mobile screen is 375pt for an iPhone screen while 360pt for a mobile screen.


These 10 are the basic things that you must know to excel in this field. Apart from these few things, there are many others that you should know. We are going to discuss them from other articles, so stay tuned with Digisaur blog page to learn and develop in UI/UX designing world. When you think of it from a perspective that there is so much to learn in this designing world then the sky is the limit. So, if you want to be an all-rounder designer then be ready to grasp knowledge from wherever you can.

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