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UI/UX design key components

Posted on 14 September 2022


The main purpose of UI/UX design is to create a design of a website, app, or any other digital product that ensures the great usability of that specific product. Whether you are a designer here reading this article or someone who wants to get into designing, you need to know that without mastering the key components of UI/UX design you can’t create a design that is better in every way. Here is the list of the main components of UI/UX design that are the actual game changer of your design.

Visual design

As the name indicates it refers to the overall view of your design- means how your designed website will appear to users. The main function of this component is to improve the visual appeal of a design. It typically focuses on the visual elements (clickable so the user will land on this article (A brief overview of web design visual elements) of the design. So, simply put it determines the end look of your design.

Adaptive designs

As we mentioned in the brief introduction to web designing (make it clickable) adaptive designs are the ones that use two or more versions of the website as per their screen sizes. They are divided into two categories based on the sizes needed by a site.


It refers to the procedure of designing a website at the structural level. It is an important communication tool for any design. It allows the designer to shape the raw idea of his/her design. Ultimately, that raw version tends to create something beautiful. It brings the clarity you need to understand the project goals. It will help you to work through all the interactions and layouts that are needed for a design.


Usability refers to how user-friendly the website is. A website with good usability clearly shows that it is designed considering all other design elements that determine the end look of the user interface. Usability refers to the effectiveness of the design in terms of its loading time, speed, and graphics on a design, navigation, style, operation, and many other things. 

Information Architecture

It refers to the layout in which designers choose to place things to make them understandable. It explains the display of all the information on your website. It is the essence of website user experience and forms the foundation of user experience. Before adding functionality information architecture of the website must be created. Its main purpose is to enable people to find relevant information and complete their tasks without any trouble.

Interaction design

Its main function is to provide a meaningful and relevant experience to visitors. It includes incorporating elements like fonts, sound, colors, graphics, and many other things. Design is important to creating a user-friendly website. So, as the name indicates it involves the creation of a design that interacts with the users more effectively.


Mastering these key components of UI/UX design enables you to design a website, app, or any other digital product that is not just user friendly, but will also look great. Thus, as a designer, you need to focus on every component to make the end product the best in every possible way. To get more information about UI/UX designing stay with us.

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