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What would be marketing trends in 2023

Posted on 16 September 2022


There is a common term we use for today’s world which is “global village”. This refers to the digitalization of today’s world, and as the world is changing so do its ways. The same is the case with marketing strategies. Where once brochures and banners were considered extreme marketing strategies now digital marketing took over its place.

In just a matter of a few years, digital marketing took the world in its grasp, and with each passing day, it is evolving into something new. So here are a few of our predictions that you may see in 2023 in terms of digital marketing. However, even if they don’t come up, you still need to adopt the strategies that we are going to discuss to be able to master the art of digital marketing.

Focus on the locality of potential customers

Marketing agencies were focused on designing websites and digital materials that are more aesthetically pleasing. However, this is not the case now. As a marketer, you need to focus more on the psyche of the people respective to their location. For example, in Pakistan people are more focused on the traditional ways.

They lack knowledge of digital media, but this is changing as more and more qualified and intelligent people are getting into this industry. So, the point is you need to focus on the location of the target audience while putting your efforts and adopting any strategy for the potential customers.

Focus on brand value

As customers are exposed to a variety of advertisements, thinking that they are going to be impressed by your picture, design, or website easily is a goose dream. They are exposed to countless excellent stuff, so you need to present something extra that is perfect in its own accord. This sense of perfection only comes when your selling point is not the product itself but the brand value.

This means you are offering your honesty rather than the product which they can take from just anywhere. So, the point is you need to focus more on the brand value in the coming days rather than using the same old tricks to advertise your client’s products. Good digital marketing agencies focus more on polishing up the hidden values of their client’s brand rather than focusing on publicizing the products.

Brand building

This point is linked with the above point, so again if you are the owner or employee of a digital marketing firm, you need to start working on the overall reputation of your client’s brand instead of focusing on the products. You may argue that products are what brand is, so how can you differentiate the two? Well, to some extent you are right but the regime is changing little in general when we see the latest digital marketing strategies. These days competition is quite high over the same products among various companies, so the point is which company is more preferred by the customers.

For instance, Bata is a highly recognized shoe manufacturer even when many other brands are way better than Bata. People prefer Bata over others. This is solely because they build their brand via their honesty and that is something which you don’t find easily. So, the point is now digital marketing agencies need something more moral than just plain beauty.


Above mentioned points are all about what we see in the upcoming future, so if you want your clients to work with you for a long time then it is better that you prepare yourself for all the changes required. If you want to learn more about the new things in the digital world then stay in touch with us.

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